The Haus of Aja

Why Y'all Gagging So?!

Aja, MoMo Shade, Kandy Muse & Dahlia Sin are known as The Haus of Aja, New York's fiercest Drag Collective. These young and talented queens are led by Aja herself, drag mother of all three girls. A Brooklyn native, Aja has been doing drag for the better part of a decade and represents the very essence of New York drag. She is an aesthetic chameleon, using a variety of references to inform her aesthetic, which is ever-evolving.

While Aja may be the Haus' mother, MoMo, Kandy & Dahlia have their own voices and drag styles. Ranging from quiet and sultry to exuberant and powerful, these girls fully embrace the art of drag and create a harmonious balance that reflects the powerful bond they share.

This episode marks a first for Grizzly KiKi, having never interviewed an entire drag family in one sitting. The Haus of Aja is a force to be reckoned with and if you haven't heard about them, get ready, because it was a Ki!

Photo Courtesy of Adam Ouhmane
Photo Courtesy of Adam Ouhmane