Sasha Velour

Sasha Velour's Style Is As Sharp As Her Fangs!

The child of hippie academics, Sasha Velour's world view was shaped by the ever-changing landscape around her. A native of Urbana, Illinois, she traveled widely with her parents, who encouraged and supported her creative impulses and gender non-conformity. This support made it possible for Sasha to explore a variety of academic pursuits, including studying Queer culture in Russia on a Fulbright Scholarship.

Over the past two years, Sasha has made her mark on the New York drag scene. She recently published the second edition of "Velour," a glossy and slick homage to drag culture, whose pages contain articles and photo essays curated by her and her partner, Johnny Velour. The mission of "Velour" comes to life at "NIGHTGOWNS," her monthly show at Bizarre Bushwick. The show hosts queer performers of varying styles, creating a showcase of drag like no other.

Classifying Sasha's style of drag is an impossible feat, as it reflects a complex confluence of cultural and artistic elements. Nosferatu, Russia, Judaism, and cartooning are the source materials for her looks, while pop culture inspires her performances.

To begin your education in Sasha Velour, watch her performance of Sia's "Cellophane" below: