Shea Coulée

Shea Coulée is a Living Fantasy!

A member of Chicago's dynamic drag scene, Shea Coulée is as refined and chic as her name implies. Shea takes an interdisciplinary approach to drag, using her art school background to transform herself into a living work of art. Sculpture, painting, couture and a myriad of cultural references are drawn upon to conjure up looks that are unique and iconic. Many of them have been the result of collaborations with Adam Ouahmane, a Chicago-based photographer who produces images that are works of art in their own right.

For Shea, drag is not merely a creative outlet. Like many of her drag sisters, the art form serves as a vehicle for political and social commentary. In a city where racial divisions are clearly defined, Shea and other queens have to fight against prejudice and break down boundaries to perform in certain neighborhoods and venues. In her sensual and heady short film, "Lipstick City," she highlights the diversity of the drag community by employing the talents of Queens from many ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It is a stunning film, but also a powerful statement about equality.

Before listening to our interview with Shea, check out "Lipstick City" below: