Crimson Kitty

Crimson Kitty is a Ferocious Feline who just happens to inhabit the body of the most well-known Female Drag Queen - or Lady Queen, as she says - in New York. The fact that Crimson is a "biological" woman is something that many people never pick up on when they first encounter her - Not that it should matter, of course. However, she is a woman working and performing in the world of Drag Queens, a space which is traditionally dominated by men. As a result, Crimson, who had a career in burlesque prior to being a Queen, has had to work harder to obtain respect, standing, and gigs. The result is a fearless, intelligent, and well-versed queen who makes sure she has the biggest hair, lashes, costumes, and most importantly, boobs, in the room!!

Crimson Kitty was born and raised in New Jersey, much like Grizzy KiKi Co-Host Robert. Growing up in a house full of women and cats, Crimson knew from an early age that she had the power within to steer her own ship and be whoever she wanted to be. She moved to New York a few years ago because she couldn't handle the notorious delays on NJ Transit that she endured traveling back and forth between gigs. Her emigration to NYC made it possible for her to fully explore the art of drag and use her many influences to bring Crimson Kitty to life!!

We sat down with Crimson and her partner, Nella, for a KiKi that ended up with us all falling in love with each other and bonding over pizza and wine. Nella makes a guest appearance on this episode, commenting every so often on Crimson's personality, style, and anal retentive nature. Crimson can't help it - she's a Cancer and Jersey Girl. That's a fierce and formidable combination.

Feel free to fall in love with Crimson as you listen to her interview and then go out and support your local Lady Queen!!!