Viki Villainess

On this episode, we KiKi with our friend and fierce Drag Queen, Viki Villainess. Don't be fooled by this pint-sized performer, as she truly embodies the saying, "Good things come in small packages." The son of two Baltimore Baptist ministers, Viki was raised in a religious atmosphere that didn't really suit her personality or ambitions. An aspiring fashion designer, she came to New York 10 years ago to start a career in fashion. However, that was somewhat sidetracked by her interest in nightlife, resulting in the birth of her club kid persona. The club kid turned into a Drag Queen and Viki Velez was born. A spicy Latina with a taste for short skirts, big boobs, and big hair, Ms. Velez lasted a short while on the scene. Viki Villainess soon emerged: a spooky, couture queen with purple hair and a penchant for custom looks that would never be seen twice.

Since adopting the "Villainess" within, Viki has turned many looks, including a Voodoo Doll, Mid-Abortion Teenager (She once hit Daniel in the leg with her dangling, unborn fetus), Burn Victim, and The Joker, among many others. Our personal favorite is what we call "The Walk of Shame," where she pinned condoms into her wig and used makeup to simulate semen dripping down her face, causing her bottom lashes to come undone. Now That's a LEWK!!!

Viki is also an accomplished and award-winning FIT graduate, Miss FIT 2014, and fashion designer. She hand crafts every single one of her outfits. In a true display of decadence, She throws her clothes in the back of the closet at the end of the night and rarely ever wears them a second time. After all, she can whip up another one whenever she wants. Oh, and then there was that time she destroyed a couture-inspired gown made of tabloid magazines onstage!

Viki is the stuff of nightmares, but she is also among the kindest queens in New York. She is a member of a drag family that includes former GK guest Ari Kiki, club kid/drag queen/androgyne Sasha Naomi, and Ari Kiki's drag daughter, Lola Michele Kiki. Those girls create the most diverse drag family in New York. As a result, Viki knows how to support her fellow sisters and other queens by being a friend, making outfits for other queens (check her out, she's amazing!!), or by providing a reality check when needed.