Dissecting Divas: Janet Jackson

"Dissecting Divas" explores and breaks down the powerful and influential women that have inspired drag queens and gays alike. Every episode will feature a queen who is an "expert" in the field of Diva-ology and who will help us get to the core of what has made these women iconic figures in the gay community.

On this episode, Jiggly Caliente talks all about her ultimate Diva, Janet Jackson. Jiggly is possibly the biggest Janet fan in the world and has turned to her for inspiration since she was a child in the Philippines. From the age of four, she was learning her choreography and flawlessly lip syncing to all of her hits. Jiggly is the ultimate Janet scholar, hands down!

We put Jiggly's "Miss Jackson If You're Nasty" knowledge to the test in a game that we broadcast live on Periscope. Check out the video below: