Merrie Cherry

Merrie Cherry is one of Brooklyn's most fascinating residents. An ever-present figure on the nightlife scene, Merrie has planted her flag in the outer borough and made quite an impact through her bold and brazen appearance, gregarious laughter, and body-positive attitude. Since she came to New York five years ago from Berkeley, California, Merrie has adopted the city as her home. However, she is always conscious of her traditional southern upbringing, thanks in large part to her 92 year-old grandmother, from whom Merrie inherited much her personality and sass. The resulting dichotomy in Merrie's persona has created a performer who pushes the boundaries of comfort and taste, while staying true to her core values.

Ms. Cherry is but one member of a large group of queens who proclaimed that they are "Busted and Beautiful" and have formed a tight-knit drag family that harkens back to the days when drag was still very underground. Like any family, sharing the truth with one another can sometimes be harsh, but necessary. So, we had Merrie read her "Twisted Sisters" for filth.