Judy Darling

Judy Darling is a vintage girl in a modern world. She is the perfect combination of Judy Garland's effervescence and the aloof tragic beauty of Warhol muse Candy Darling.

Growing up in California's Napa Valley, Judy was raised in an environment that fostered her passion for dressing up and performing. She would dig through her mother's closet for the right outfits to bring her characters to life, delighting her family with her impromptu acts.

Although new to the big apple's drag scene, Judy has captivated the city with her obsession and love of witches, as well as her impeccable presentation. Former Grizzly Kiki guest Dusty Ray Bottom dubbed her the Witch On The Rise, a title Judy happily adopted.

Keep your eyes on the sky to see if Judy flies by your window on the way to one of her numerous gigs!!

In true Grizzly KiKi style, we decided to test Judy's Witchy expertise by having her separate classic bitches from witches and ID which famous TV and Film witches said what. See how she did in the video below: