Kareem McJagger

On this episode, Robert & Daniel interview New York Party Promoter & Nightlife Personality, Kareem McJagger. He is a gender-bending performer and host who loves to experiment with his looks, hair and makeup, all of which are enhanced by the creative skills of his cousin, Rochelle. After moving to New York almost ten years ago, he spent a long time observing NY nightlife before breaking into the scene himself. With his unique look and infectious personality, Kareem is a well-known fixture all over town, running the popular nightlife blog, The Black Out Blog, where he documents his nightly activities.

Kareem hosts several parties, including Glow, his Saturday blacklight party at G Lounge, and Karaoke at Pieces Bar. He can also be found any night of the week at different events throughout the city. His outlandish, ceiling-scraping looks have developed into his signature style and they must be seen in person to fully appreciate just how fabulous he really is!!

After listening to our interview, dig through your closet for your most fabulous gear and make it out to one of Kareem's parties so you can kiki the night away in style!!