Jackie Beat

Jackie Beat has been the world's biggest bitch for the past 25 years. In celebration of her quarter century in drag, we wanted to get her on the horn and find out what makes this brilliant Queen tick. As a gay kid growing up in Scottsdale Arizona, Jackie had a supportive family that fostered her creativity and grew to love her drag, with her father being one of her biggest fans!!

Over the course of her 25 year career, Jackie has become famous for her biting wit, comedic timing, and most of all, her hilarious parodies of pop music. With over one thousand songs under her headband, she has a huge catalogue to pick from whenever she stages one of her magnificent one woman shows. With her binder of material in one hand and a tall glass of orange juice in the other, Jackie has ascended to the pantheon of the Drag Gods and has made contributions to the world of drag that will leave their mark forever!!

Here's to you, Jackie Beat!!!