Lady Bunny

Bunny for President!!

Lady Bunny is a Drag icon, nightlife staple, DJ & comedienne so rotten she could very well dethrone Divine as the filthiest person in the world!

Known for her mile-high coifs, signature voice, & filthy jokes, Bunny has been entertaining/offending people for decades. From her roots in Chattanooga to her party days with RuPaul in Atlanta and New York, Bunny has always been able to remain current and tap into the "Now." She uses her comedy as a vehicle for socio-political commentary and to uplift her audiences. In today's world, where violence, discrimination, and hate are always around the corner, Bunny provides a much needed escape!

Interviewing The "Lady" Bunny was a milestone for Grizzly Kiki and a dream come true. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed our time with BunBun!

lady bunny #7