Pickles is the creation of photographer Michael Wakefield. A native of Michigan, Michael moved to New York in the mid-1980's and immediately immersed himself in the nightlife scene. He frequented venues such as the Pyramid Club and Palladium, toting along his camera at all times. Provided with subjects who were anything but shy, Michael was able to create a time capsule of the era via photography.

In 1993, Michael began "It's a Wonderful Life?," a public access tv show that ran for nine years until 2001. During this time, he documented the downtown nightlife scene. Some of the most compelling footage is that of Wigstock and rare glimpses into the lives of Lady Bunny, Mistress Formika, Jackie Beat, Candis Cayne, & many others. After years of living on VHS, the footage is now being revived through the weekly web series, "Throwback Thursdays with Pickles," on Sherry Vine's YouTube channel.

Michael created Pickles over a period time, bringing her out for competitions at nudist retreats and private sex parties. Unlike Michael, who can be quiet and reserved, Pickles is a loud & eccentric lady. Her stark white beehive, red lips, and high-pitched voice are reminiscent of Carol Channing. She is witty, ditzy, irreverent, & above all, positive!

Join us as Michael provides a journey through New York City nightlife history, and an introduction to Pickles!

Pickles In The Village Voice
Pickles In The Village Voice