Peaches Christ

On this episode, Robert & Daniel interview San Francisco Drag Icon & Visionary, Peaches Christ. With almost 20 years of drag under her belt, Peaches (Miss Christ if you're nasty!!), has developed a cult following not only in SF, but around the world as well. Her Midnight Mass movie viewings, film parodies, and live stage shows are legendary and have earned Peaches a well-deserved spot in the pantheon of the Drag Goddesses!!

Her alter ego, Joshua Grannell, created a character unique in style and approach to drag. As a result, Peaches is the only drag queen to have ever received her own retrospective at the Fine Art Museums of San Francisco in 2006 to celebrate ten years in drag!!!

Let's hope that Peaches has another 80+ years ahead of her to continue her craft and take her career to new heights.....and lows!!!