Slammy Realness!

On this episode, Mary Kona & Dolores de Mikulo talk about Grizzly KiKi at the monthly improvisational variety show, Ethnic Realness, and get to play their own games with hosts Oscar Montoya & Bowen Yang. Later in the week, Robert & Daniel attend the annual Slammy Awards, hosted by Bob TheDragQueen. As the antithesis to the annual Glam Awards, the Slammys honor all that is terrible and tacky in New York nightlife. The Grizzly KiKi bears interview guests, nominees and winners at this year's ceremony!!!

Full list of winners after the jump!

Best Nightlife MeltdownThat time Alotta McGriddles tried to kill Ruby Roo at The Stonewall

Worst Beat on a Drag QueenPaige Turner

Worst DressedMerrie Cherry

Best Hole In The WallTNT

Most Drunken MessMisty Meaner

Best Public Fight or BreakupMarti Gould Cumming Vs Anyone who made fun of her

Best Show To Sleep DuringMarti Gould Cummings @ The Ritz

Maybe You Should Lip SynchEpiphany

Worst NewcomerDotty Spartans

How Did YOU Get A Show?Svetlana Stoli

Feeling Your Own FantasyBiblegirl666

Hot MessAri Kiki

Cunt Of The YearLogan Hardcore