Rainbow Connection With Bev Rage

Cher, Kesha, Aaron Carter, Perez Hilton & Bev Rage Walk Into A Bar....

On this episode, we round up the latest in music news and much more. Kesha dropped her uplifting new album, "Rainbow"; Cher is starring in an animated series on Netflix; Aaron Carter comes out as bisexual; Perez Hilton is crying about something inconsequential; AND Alaska Thunderfuck & Katya Zamolodchikova are set to star in the upcoming horror film, "The Quiet Room."

Joining us is special guest, Bev Rage. She is the lead singer of Chicago's drag punk band, Bev Rage And The Drinks. An Ohio native, Bev relocated to the Windy City a decade ago. Since then, she has immersed herself in the city's queer culture, unleashing her unapologetically queer self on her audiences. Bev & her band are unique in that they do not regularly perform in gay bars, but rather music venues. However, as the front woman, she brings the artistry of drag to both their music & live performances. Along with her bandmates, Aaron & Trevor, Bev has created a sound and look that have attracted the attention of other Chicago Queens, namely Lucy Stoole. It is at Lucy's bi-weekly party, Fabitat, that they have exposed themselves to the drag scene, where they have been welcomed with open arms!

Bev Rage And The Drinks have just released their debut EP, "Honk If Yer Hungry." Check out the music video for the title track below: