Told Ya So With Roz DrezFaLez

Told ya so, told ya so, told ya told ya, told ya so!

On this episode, we talk about Aaron Carter's dating habits; Australian Drag Queens that saved a man's life; The return of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars; A controversial Ice Cream Sundae; Daryl Davis' documentary, "Accidental Courtesy"; and a British delicacy known as the Long Egg.

Joining us is Roz Drezfalez, the alter ego of stand-up comedian Geo Andy. Roz entertains straight & queer audiences in Los Angeles with her quick wit & dry humor. She is the co-host of The GASP! Podcast with Sam Pancake and hosts a monthly improv show, Roz's Humor Hole with Roz Drezfalez & more!, at the Hollywood Improv Comedy Club.

We KiKi with Roz about her comedic & drag roots, bi-coastal drag scenes, Sherry Vine, Tony Soto, and Much More!

If you're dying to make your very own Long Egg, check out the video below: